ADAPT is an acronym for Aggressive Drivers Are Public Threats.  That may seem a bit extreme but aggressive driving and speed contribute to 1 out of every 3 crashes.

When you drive aggressively, that behavior is a danger to you and others.  Aggressive driving crashes lead to property damage, injury and even death.

Think about this – there are rules of the road.  Many people follow those rules.  They drive the speed limit, stay in their lane, obey stop signs and red lights, give enough space, and yield to other drivers.  When this happens, we know how to act and what to expect, and that keeps everyone safer.

When you drive aggressively – things like speeding, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, or running stop signs and red lights – other drivers don’t know how to react. Your aggressive driving puts you and others in situations where reaction times change, and split-second decisions mean the difference between being safe and getting injured or killed in a crash.

Why do people drive aggressively? Usually it’s because they are late or because they’re simply being impatient. When people are late, they try to compensate by changing their driving behavior to get “there” as fast as they can.

Make a plan to avoid aggressive driving! Leave some extra time. While you’re driving, also pay attention to whether you’re exhibiting any aggressive driving behaviors. The extra speed might get you there a couple minutes faster, but the more likely outcome is a crash or a ticket.

ADAPT and take control.  You’ll keep yourself and others safe, and you’ll no longer be a public threat.