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Distracted Driving

Park the phone before you drive. Always pay attention.

  • There are over 53,000 distracted driving crashes every year, accounting for 58% of the total crashes in Maryland.
  • There are 28,874 people injured every year and 232 people killed as the result of a distracted driver in Maryland
  • Distracted driving fatal crashes accounted for 46% of the all fatal crashes in Maryland.
  • 78 percent of distracted drivers killed in a crash are male.
  • One third of all distracted drivers killed in a crash are between the ages 21–34.
  • The Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas accounted for nearly 84 percent of crashes related to distracted driving.

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*Crash data are derived from the State Highway Administration, based on reports submitted and processed by the Maryland State Police Central Records Division (MSP CRD) and through the Automated Crash Reporting System (ACRS). Crash data are based on 5-year averages for the years 2009–2013. Citation/motor vehicle violation data are sourced from the Maryland District Court through the National Study Center for Trauma and EMS (University of Maryland, Baltimore), and are 3-year averages (2011–2013). All data are subject to change.