Look Up. Look Out. Stay Alert. You’ve been walking since you were a toddler right? So easy, you don’t even think about it. What you do need to think about is walking safely on roads and crosswalks.

Regardless if you are driving or walking, you need to pay attention and stay alert.

Risky behavior behind the wheel can easily result in a collision and if you hit a pedestrian or a bicyclist, the results are particularly devastating. Are you paying more attention to your mobile device instead of the upcoming signal or crosswalk? Are you trying to beat the light? The truth is, taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds or speeding through an intersection often ends in tragedy.

If you are driving, remember: you must stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, regardless of the color of the traffic signal. Many times pedestrians may not see you approach – especially if they aren’t paying attention or if you’re speeding.

It isn’t just drivers who must be safe – people walking and biking also must take steps to be responsible. Avoid looking at your cell phone or another device. Look up and make eye contact with drivers so they see you better. And most of all, when walking, always cross at crosswalks whenever possible. The fact is that you cannot solely rely on others to see you or to slow down and stop – especially if you aren’t following the rules. Stay visible to oncoming traffic – walk against traffic and wear bright or light colored clothes.

Please remember – Look Up. Look Out. Stay Alert.