While most of us buckle up without even thinking about it, there are still many drivers – and passengers – who ride without their seat belt.

Driving and riding without a seat belt is dangerous – and often deadly. In fact, more than 120 unbelted drivers and passengers are killed every year in Maryland, and those who were involved in a crash without seat belts are 67 percent more likely to sustain a moderate to fatal injury.

What is your reason for not wearing your seat belt? Do you feel uncomfortable or that your clothes will wrinkle? Do you believe that air bags alone will protect you or that you’re a good driver? Do you believe it’s better to be thrown from the vehicle after a crash? The truth is there is NO good reason not to wear a seat belt.

If you are the back seat passenger and don’t wear your belt, think about this…unbelted passengers in the back seat become projectiles in a crash. Instead of a rider in the back seat you become a projectile…basically a killer in the back seat.

Think about the consequences of not wearing a seat belt – for yourself and your passengers. Now, compare the risk of death or injury to taking a few seconds to buckle up. There’s not even a close comparison. Make sure that everyone in your car or truck buckles up – even those in the back seat.

Law enforcement across Maryland understands that our seat belt law saves lives and they are committed to writing tickets to get people in the habit of buckling up. Tickets are $83 but the bigger picture is that by wearing your belt, you avoid a ticket, and you can save your life or prevent injuries.

Just buckle up – every seat, every time, short trips or long, night or day.